Vivekananda: Spirituality for Leadership & Success

Narrator: Ashish Bhandari
Author: Pranay

Vivekananda bridged the ancient and the modern, the East and the West. He was a spiritual warrior who in a short life encapsulated the essence of Hindu and Indian wisdom for raising human consciousness. His numerous conversations, talks, writings and life incidents offer insights into some of the most important mystic secrets for human excellence. Especially for a globalised world, which he clearly envisioned and foresaw. This book distils the timeless values for leadership and success that he stood for and presents them as insightful, easy-to-understand principles that are relevant not just today, but for the future of mankind.

Vivekananda always led from the front. For example, during the terrible plague epidemic of 1898, which ravaged India, he proactively sought to help. He published the famous ‘Plague Manifesto’, outlining the steps needed to be carried out to meet the challenge. He himself was at the forefront of solving this difficult problem and extended all help! Hence, we can see that he makes for a perfect teacher on leadership: always walking the talk through his own stellar example.

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