In today’s world and business, translation plays a very important role and aims at conveying meaning of a given linguistic discourse from one language to another. Even though English dominates the communication across globe, the local languages are equally important.

Since , translation is a courier for the transmission of knowledge, a protector of cultural heritage, and essential to the development of a global economy therefore the need of highly skilled translators . Translation is not just about taking a text in one language and presenting it in another , one needs to capture the spirit of the material and be able to put it all in contextThe best translators will correctly capture the meaning of the source content and ensure accuracy in terms of language and style.

Translation can be used in many ways by various companies such as communicating with clients, translations of manuscripts and books, contract translation,multilingual translation.In these changed times where social media plays a very important role translations becomes very important for reaching out to wider audience in areas such as science and technology, tourism, religion, trading,business , literature,education, mass communication etc.