Films/Video Production

We love making films and it shows in our creations. Technically adept, strikingly creative and innovative to the core, we have the versatility to take on any film assignment and come up with a brilliant rendition. Our films impress and achieve the desired effect. Whether it's TV commercial, corporate video, web videos, animation videos, training, educational or promotional videos, Studio What Nxt gives each the treatment it deserves and help you achieve your objective at least cost but with maximum impact.    

Sound/Audio Production

Studio WhatNxt has a fully equipped professional sound studio that creates aural experiences that appeal to the heart and emotions. A vital part of video and films as well as advertising and media, our audio capabilities cover virtually every aspect. Our audio and music experts put together a team of singers and musicians to create foot-tapping or soulful radio spots and jingles with original music in any genre. Shoot a video feature, a serial or a full-length film and let our experts handle sync dubbing. If you have a promotional or educational presentation or film, we can do voice-overs. Budding music artists can walk into our studio and make use of our facilities to record sound tracks, get them mixed, edited and enhanced for commercial quality use or for use on the web. We have a panel of multi-lingual experts for language dubbing and we even do translations in all regional and international languages.   

Photography Services

 We speak in colors and tones, shades of light and dark. Our photography skills are unparalleled. With our team of specialists, highly qualified and talented photographers working with top of the line equipment, we are adept at fashion shoots, glamour shoots, modeling photography and portraiture. When it comes to presenting a product in the best light, our commercial and industrial photographers bring inanimate objects to life. Give us an idea and we will carry out conceptual shoots that realize visions. Let us handle events and we record the moment and the emotion of the moment. Light is our tool. We are master craftsmen. Our images are worth more than a million words.